Spring Reflections in Cherokee Park
24"x18" - Plein Air

Before They Fall 24"x18"

Among the Olive Trees 18"x24"

Peaceful Morning 24"x36"

By the Light of the Moon 36"x48"

Cloud Reflections 24"x36"

New Harmony Patriot 18"x14"

H20 Tower Sentinels 48"x36"

Happy Cows, Happy Farm 30"x66"

Afternoon Glo of Mustard 18"x36"

End of the Season 30"x40"

Italian Cedars 18"x24"

Peaceful Reflections 42"x54"

Streaming Light 48"x36"

The Mighty Ohio 42"x54"

Water, Precious Water 42"x54"

Blue Lake - 20"x30"

Winter at Cherokee Park

Cold Cherokee Creek - 24"x18"

Reflection of Winter Trees