A Steele Summer 8"x10"

Afternoon at Farmington 8"x10"

Cloudy Day Colors 12"x9"

Behind the Red Geranium 14"x11"

Band of Trees 8"x10"

Conrad Coldwell Mansion 8"x10"

Cool Shadows 12"x16"

Distant View of Gord, France 8"x10"

Falling Rays of Sun 8"x10"

Farm Life 9"x12"

French Porch 10"x8"

Gentle Ripple 10"x8"

Gord, France 8"x10"

Late Afternoon on Cherokee Creek 8"x10"

Let There Be Light 12"x9"

Practical & Pretty 12"x9"

Morning Sun 6"x8"

Morning Sun on Whitehall 12"x16"

Peaceful Morning on Cherokee Creek 12"x16"

Peaceful View 6"x8"

Morning Canoe Ride 8"x10"

Ready for Harvest 8"x10"

Study for Evening's Wake 6"x8"

Sherman Minton Sunrise 9"x12"

Redbud at Rainbow Lake 19"x8"

William Dodd's French Chateau 14"x11"

Sunflower Path 16"x12"

Traveling Across the Sunset 7"x5"

Walking Through the Park 6"x8"

Sunset on Purple Barn 11"x14"

Calumet Pool for Horses 8"x10"

Calumet Track 8"x10"