Catherine has been a prominent Louisville Artist for the past 25 years, concentrating on murals and Trompe L’oeil . She has developed her love for the Arts from childhood and brings that love to every piece she creates. For  Catherine………….  “Art is the Breath of Life”.

*From 2002 thru February 2009 Catherine owned a Gallery on Frankfort Ave.  Louisville, Ky. with a partner.

*2012 – Plein  Air Painters of Kentucky / Jewish Community Center, Louisville, Ky.

* 2012 -  Solo Show ( 40 paintings, some  3’6” X 4’ 6”)/  Gallery M,  Louisville, Ky.

*2012 – Guest Artist of the Month for Kentucky Arts Council
*2012 – Invitational group show/ New Harmony, In.
*2011 -  Kaviar Forge Gallery/  Louisville, Ky.
*2011 – Painting Indiana III/ Juried into book
*2010 – Hoosier Salon /Indianapolis, In.
*2010 – Water tower  paint out award winner/ Louisville, Ky.
*2010 – Art Avenue Invitational/ Louisville, Ky.
*2009 – Kentucky Visions at the Capitol/ invitation only
*2009 – Woman’s Art Club of Louisville/ Honorable Mention
*2009 – Art Avenue  Invitational / Louisville, Ky.
*2009 – Madison Art Club, Madison, In./  Honorable Mention
*2009 – Pendleton Art Center ; Juried Show/ Rising Sun Indiana
*2009 – “ From Woman’s Hands”;  Invitational at Indiana University East
*2009 – Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft;  Juried members show
*2009 – Smith Barney & Citi Bank;  Invitational
*2008 – Kaviar Forge Show; Juried
*2008 – Jasper Community Arts, Jasper, In.;  Juried
*2008 – Madison Art Club, Madison, In.;  Juried, two Awards of Distinction
*2008 – Rising Sun Art Competition, Rising Sun, In.; Juried
*2008 – Kentucky Visions at the Capitol/ invitation only
*2007 – Madison Art Club, Madison. In.;  Juried,  Award of Distinction
*2007 – Kentucky Visions at the Capitol/ invitation only
*2006 – Madison Art Club, Madison, In.;  Juried, Mayor’s Choice Award and People’s Choice Award

* Educational background includes a BFA from the University of Louisville with an additional two years post BAC study in Fine Art Painting. She has continued to take classes all over the country (New York, California, Florida), as well as painting “ plein air” in Italy and France.

* Fine Art Painting teacher

* Taught Air Brush Techniques at Ivy Tech, in Indiana and was and air brush illustrator in Advertising for 10 years.

* Also for the past 25 years Catherine  has had a successful Mural business

* Past Board Member/ Louisville Visual Art Association

* Artist Advisory Committee/ Kentucky Museum Art and Craft

* Member of Plein Air Painters of Kentucky

* Member of LOOK/ Consortium of Louisville Gallery Owners

* Member Oil Painters of America

* Member of Indiana Plein Air Painters

* Member of Plein Air Painters of the Bluegrass

* Member American Impressionist Society

* Juror


The style of painting that feeds my soul the most is "plein air". Being out in the elements where I can feel, breathe, smell, and see the colors of the great creation! In order to accomplish this I use 
complimentary colors as a base painting, then layer subsequent pigments on top. I am inspired by Vincent Van Gogh and Aleksander Titovets, who also painted from life, as well as using a thick impasto application of paint to express a sculptural and textural quality.

Viewing the world through an artist's eyes, searching for endless possibilities of beauty and emotion in the environment I am impassioned with a commitment and appreciation for life, trying to record every experience possible.

The intention of my painting is to bring great pleasure to myself and a visual experience to others. It is my desire that You, the Viewer, experience the pleasure I felt while creating these works of Art!